New Finnish blog on literature

This might come as no surprise to anyone connected to the Finnish role-playing set, but they have, according to Mike Pohjola, and in evidence online, started a new blog “focusing on literary and media criticism.” It is called [Perkeleen periskooppi]( and is all-Finnish.

Now I really need to learn that language, again. I sorely want to hear what Mika Loponen thinks about this item: “Kirja: China Miéville, Iron Council (2004, Del Ray)” I already know that Kirja means book, and I have one piece of fiction by Miéville, still unread. I also saw a copy of this new book in a store window. And I was but little intrigued. But if the headline *Sosialistista fantasiaa* can’t get me interested in this review, few things can. Loponen is a great opinionator.

If you are fortunate enough to already know Finnish, go there.

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