A Deleuze blog

[Intermezzo](http://www.aquasonido.net/current/) blogs his progress through Gilles Deleuze’s “A Thousand Plateaus”. He mentioned it in an Orkut group as an emergent trend amongst bloggers.

I might do that someday: and all you see me type is some inane logging of what I read: I, an automaton of thought.

Still, the idea of “blog as tool for thought” is compelling.

Update: Aiolos and Glänta, two Swedish publishers of books and magazines have created [a theme issue on Deleuze](http://www.gp.se/gp/jsp/Crosslink.jsp?d=121&a=173274) . And now [Daidalos](http://www.daidalos.se/) has published Deleuze’s “The Fold” in Swedish.

And the blog [Copyriot](http://copyriot.blogspot.com) told me about the joint issue, which has cut a few lines of “Samtalet”, and it is all in Swedish.

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