More stuff done with Ruby: Ta-da List

OK, here is web usability gods 37Signals‘ won fluff on their very usable web app for making todo lists online:

To Do with Ta-da List: Simple sharable to-do lists. To-do list, todo list, task manager, task list, todo task, easy list, simple todo, free todo list manager.

What blew me away is that they made a mini video for us to see all the features in the thing. More and more nifty small things are packed with applications of high usability, and we Windows users have a hard time getting to the nifty stuff as we are so used to the loops, hoops and have-tos of Bad Software. That video showed me two or three things I had not seen while signing up.

And the FORM for signing up is a miracle of communication. I like big letters. And colors used to convey different levels of importance, that was smart, too.

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