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Briton and computer geek Matt Webb and his blog Interconnected continues to amaze me.

The guy reads continental philosophy (Deleuze, no less), and discusses it like it was comic books. The way it should be discussed, at any rate. That goes for comic books, too, but the other conceptual way around. “A Thousand Plateaus was my Gödel, Escher, Bach” he states. But with humour. I freely quote the man, his command of his mother tongue is far superior.

I caught the last part of his magnificent presentation at reboot7 on the computer user interfaces of the future (as seen in films, or rather in the film adaptation of Minority Report). They use huge screens, and move items with gestures in the air in front of them. Video sequences represent objects, and throwing items aside tags them as interesting or uninteresting. If you know if/where Matt has put his presentation online, please comment here. It was good stuff, but I guess his presence made the show into a show, not just statements.

I take pleasure in the fact that Mr Webb is a great presenter. His powerfully positive attitude about dynamic languages is never made into dull yes-man-speak. He is also a great writer.

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