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I am a role-playing guy. I meet and converse with my kind. Sometimes *my people* are successful, they meet with fame, recognition, &c. Makes me happy.

Jason notes his role-playing scenario [The Shab-al-Hiri Roach](http://www.1km1kt.net/rpg/The_Shab-al-Hiri_Roach.php) has become a *bona fide* hit among the independent luminaries.

In this thread at influential role-playing online community The Forge, Ron Edwards heaps praise on the scenario.

Jason takes it in, rises to the occasion, and declares that the scenario will be published, at least at some point. He is looking for good card rounders. If you have *any* good ideas or experiences with them, please comment at his blog on that.

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  1. Thanks, Olle! I’ve been a little surprised at the enthusiasm, but it is really gratifying. The Roach game will be much better for the public scrutiny! Tell your crazy Jeepsters to Bring It On!

    As a bonus to tempt Scandinavian gamers, it is a game that is very easy to play while drinking alcohol. Thematic, even. You can even escape the Roach by getting drunk!

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