Theatre success: Christofer Bocker

My old friend Christofer – a fellow web application programmer geek – has written a great play, won an award for it. This dramatic success came out of almost nowhere. He has written great prose before, I have read some (is that still unpublished?), but his theatrical experience is limited.

[SVD](, [Nummer](, and [Dramaten]( go wild.

Dramaten describes it thusly:

> Eight addicts meet at a fountain to hang out, talkm about their lives and addictions. The play is about how a person’s life through change, large or small, can turn out completely different.
> Christofer himself describes the driving force of the play as the difficulty in the individual to find their place in the world.

Congratulations, Christofer. (Or Gobbler.)

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  1. Christofer who? … Our mutual childhood friend Christofer Jakobsson called himself Gobbler a short while, when I called myself Morbus Crohn and you were Doktor Uretrit. Am I confusing this Chris with Chris who was also called “Kryckan”? The last name Bocker was unknown to me ofcourse, but sometimes people marry and change name, maybe that was it? And why am I writing in english?


    Have a nice day.

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