Dogs in the Vineyard, the Vision

Dogs in the Vineyard, the Vision is a story about how the game “DitV” came into its own: became itself.

Oh, I am moved. Take a load of this

> I have wanted to contact you ever since I bought the game. As a member of the LDS faith, an avid role-player, a student of history, a lover of fantastic fiction, and a fan of westerns, I believe that I am your ultimate target audience.

> I loved reading this game and I got a bunch of my LDS gaming buddies together and even invited my father, himself a convert to the church who doesn’t do pen and paper role-playing, but is a gun nut and historian in his own right who started the Utah chapter of the Single Action Shooting Society ([SASS]( He expressed some anxiety to me about playing a game with me and my friends, and I scoffed at him. The SASS is an organization of western shooters, who meet and have shooting matches in full period costume, using only period weapons, and who all go by period aliases.

> Compared to Dad, my friends and I are all couch potato posers!

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  1. And here is, of course, my favourite passage: “I was so delighted that I declared extra dice for them from Ceremony.”

    No matter how immersed, never forget to declare extra dice!

  2. I added a link to SASS, the historical gun nut society. I’ll say! “Mounted Shooter’s Manual” as a PDF. Takes all kinds.

    And there are branches of SASS in Europe, too. Everybody can be a cowboy on their own time.

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