CakePHP: version .

The rapid development Framework [CakePHP]( yesterday made an [announcement]( that its latest and greatest version ever, the eagerly awaited 0.10, has arrived.

This release has a new folder structure, which means that users of the framework will have to fiddle with their existing apps once more to get them up to bleeding-edge status.

I started a little HowTo document at [Writeboard](, which quickly [grew, at the wiki]( The new wiki is a “lightly skinned” [DokuWiki](

If you already have an application for Cake, which is not migrated, get onto the IRC channel `#cakephp` at `` – everyone is there to help you.

And, if you have no idea what this framework is, or what it’s good for, you might want to peek in there anyway, and ask a few frequently asked ones. See you!

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