Holy Modal Rounders’s naming, and Jeff Minter in repose

In the Wikipedia article on the geniuses of Holy Modal Rounders they have something profound on naming, a subject dear to programmers:

> As regards the name, Peter Stampfel explained in Perfect Sound Forever: “We kept changing the name. First it was the Total Quintessence Stomach Pumpers. Then the Temporal Worth High Steppers. Then The Motherfucker Creek Babyrapers. That was just a joke name. He was Rinky-Dink Steve the Tin Horn and I was Fast Lightning Cumquat. He was Teddy Boy Forever and I was Wild Blue Yonder. It kept changing names. Then it was the Total Modal Rounders. Then when we were stoned on pot and someone else, Steve Close maybe, said Holy Modal Rounders by mistake. We kept putting out different names and wait until someone starts calling us that then. When we got to Holy Modal Rounders, everyone decided by acculumation that we were the Holy Modal Rounders. That’s the **practical way to get named**.”

My emphasis, man.

That picture is *priceless*.

For more lovely hippieness, check out Llamasoft’s website, with [this image of Jeff Minter](http://www.llamasoft.co.uk/jeff.php). Serenity, that’s what it is.

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