Kiva: Loans to microbusinesses in the third world

Today I read some Seth Godin, and it turns out he is a great person.

(Who’s Seth? A marketing guru. (Read more at Wikipedia.)

He explains the service Kiva, which is a “microlending system”.

> Kiva lets you connect with and loan money to unique small businesses in the developing world.

Read more about Kiva’s concept.

A list of active Kiva-funded businesses can be seen online. Take a look at the figures: ridiculously low amounts get these people started, and paying back. Yes, it’s financing. These microcompanies pay the lender back.

Some of the businesses have awesome names: Riwirok Ber – “Unity is Strength”, or God helps sound like something from Puritan England. A name like Blessings puts a tear in me eye.

And the Mot Mot piggery is a distant name-relative of my own company olleolleolle.

This is good stuff. Tell this story.

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