Dropload: Send big files in email

[Dropload](http://www.dropload.com) is one of those services that are needed. Badly. I think this baby could be put to some good use. Right, Dad?

This is the full text of their service description:

> Dropload is a place for you to drop your files off and have them picked up by someone else at a later time. Recipients you specify are sent an email with instructions on how to download the file. Files are removed from the system after 7 days, regardless if they have been picked up or not. You can upload any type of file, mp3, movies, docs, pdfs, up to 100MB each! Recipients can be anyone with an email address

And this is from their [About Dropload](http://dropload.com/about.php) page:

> File limits are 100 megs. And we will, at our discretion, regulate usage. Use dropload when you need it and it will always be here for you. Abuse it and you’ll ruin it for everyone else.

Read more at [Dropload News](http://dropload.blogspot.com/).

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