Skype creates extra stuff, viral marketing

Some of the genius of Skype is their very open attitude to their corporate story. People like telling it, and it is “viral-enabled” already in itself. My Dad can tell it to me.

But when they also create very easy-to-use buttons and widgets that people can add to their websites, and put a great deal of effort into these, then they go above and beyond the regular “give ’em a banner and sell ’em some t-shirts” mode.

Now, with their 2.0 Beta features (of which Video is the main one), they get to redefine what a webcam is, and how to use it in one’s daily life.

A very nice feature that was talked about was pre-loaded USB phones that had a RAM on them, so that I could have my Skype account, Skype software and everything Skype on that phone/headset, and take it with me when I travel. Or change rooms. Or change computers. (Hm, will that flash RAM have Mac, Linux and Windows software on it? Probably. But in reverse order, as that is the release plan for Skype.)

Skype changes people’s minds about stuff. I might even get a webcam.

See you.

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  1. So, how long until some spammer begins harvesting skype links and voice spam becomes a new web nuisance? :-)

    Anyone still remembers ze good old days of safe mailto: ?


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