Denmark is Dead: Great programmer booted out of the country

My neighbour Sean Treadway today posted a sad post – he is getting kicked out of the country:

> So that’s all folks Denmark has evaluated that my contribution to the
country through my freelance work is not of significant value.

This is patently horrible. On so many levels. Sean’s one of the really great minds I have met here in Denmark. He’s contributed greatly to the local and global Open Source community, and to the local freelancer environment.

If not even this guy can start a business in Denmark, then who can? Oh, right, me: and the only thing I have got going for me is that I’m an EU citizen.

These are the ill effects of an immigration policy dictated by backwater opportunists of the bleakest kind. This is what the government’s association with Dansk Folkeparti means in practice.

It’s good to know that the Berlin-based effort [Plazes]( will have one razor-sharp mind more to refine their geo-tagging application. I have an informed hunch that Sean will like Berlin, but that’s cold comfort when I have to keep living in a country run like this.

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  1. Sean is my brother, and I am very proud of him….it was really nice reading this even though it is sad that both of our governments (US and Danish) are less than open and not interested in the contributions of people with a lot of creativity and smarts who are not working towards hardcore capitalist ends or military advances. I -the lazy one- am searching for his current email address and came across this blog post.

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