Denmark has a roleplaying game school

A Danish school with a very cross-disciplinary approach to education, [Østerskov Efterskole](, will open its doors this fall. [Malik Hyltoft](, winner of this year’s Honorary Otto Award is part of the staff.

The school needs materials, and have assembled a wish-list. If you have anything you wish to donate to the school, send an email to “osterskov” at their domain “” with the subject “Donation”, and they’ll contact you to make out the details. All donated materials will be labelled, and the benefactor will be named, unless otherwise is specifically noted.

This is a chance for you to get rid of a load of “perhaps-useful stuff” (aka useless junk) from your library, and your games collection. Here is a translation of the wish-list in bulletpoint shape.

* Danish fiction
* Atlas
* Books on history
* Encyclopedias, old and new
* Thesaurus (in plural)
* Works of popular science
* School books for grades 9 and 10
* Fantasy literature
* Science Fiction
* Roleplaying game books (rules, scenarios, compendiums, source books)
* Volumes of Illustrated science, National Geographic, and such
* Comics: albums in good condition
* Books in English in all of the above categories
* Easy-to-read books in German, Swedish and Norwegian

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