Peter Brodersen creates GoogleMaps with streets for Denmark

Us Euros have been envious of the US/Canada GoogleMaps situation for quite a while. The option “satellite image” has been all we had for a while, and the other choices “map” and “hybrid overlay” have been missing for our part of the globe. [Peter Rukavina](’s tales of integrating GoogleMaps with existing data have been riveting, if a bit frustrating reading, since the European GoogleMaps still lacks city mapping capabilities (does it? I’m unsure – please tell me if I’m wrong). On the outside looking in, in Smokey Robinson’s immortal words.

In Denmark, the name [Peter Brodersen]( is synonymous with deep MySQL-fu (i.e. he’s a database demi-god) and sharp web programming. Peter’s been making web toys for as long as anyone cares to remember. They include the Danish roleplaying game scenario database (“IMDB for scenarios”) []( and his “very-beta” [PDF Workshop]( “See them all at [](, and see if you find anything exciting,” Peter says over IM.

His latest addition to his ever-growing pool of web toys is perhaps the most useful: []( “Find-the-way” lets you enter a placename in Denmark, and you get a full-screen map of the place, with the street names on it.

The app caused quite a stir. [Reports]( from [many places]( on Peter Brodersen’s mashup of GoogleMaps + street data from Danish Mapping Authorities. Hyperbole is rife in these journalistic texts, but it’s nice to see reports of mashups in “more mainstream media”, and some credit where it’s due.

Peter’s work is for hire, and you can get in touch with his one-man outfit [Korruption](

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