Ruby on Rails meetup in Copenhagen

At Reboot, I was at a Ruby on Rails session called “Railways”, hosted by Jarkko Laine. A pleasant talky session which had the ostensible goal of introducing newcomers to old hands, to generate conversation.

Danish Railser [Jesper]( summed it up, and he and [Jakob Skjerning]( (“aka Mentalized”, as the Danes will say, not believing you’ll understand the name) invite **you** to a Rails meetup in Copenhagen (an unspecified bar, as of now: you’ll know when it’s time).

[Go over to Jesper’s blog and sign up]( – just post a comment, baby, and you’re golden.

Update: **Café Selina (top floor), Skindergade 43 (Copenhagen) Thursday, June 29, 2006 at 20.30.**

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