HTTP verbs and Rails

At the meeting yesterday evening, Jesper whipped out the largest PostIt I ever saw, and made an agenda for the next meeting.

I said I was interested in talking a bit about Rails’ new direction wrt HTTP verbs: it seems [Casper Fabricius]( and the web has most of the information at hand: so enjoy [Casper’s introduction to the new concepts](

In short: getting the PUT and DELETE verbs supported everywhere will take some hackery, and the ASP.NET-like viewstate hidden input field is fielded for this role.

Read [DHH about Resources]( Read the slides PDF, there. Quite the concept-chunk to bite off. Many new things are to come.

And, as DHH said, the extractions from his company’s products arrive way before the products do, so this is already in Edge Rails. Interesting times.

Oh, and don’t miss [Ryan’s list of what is new in Edge Rails]( I’m subscribing to [Ryan’s feed](!

*Update*: [Josh Susser on the Relationship Model](, which this new CRUDdy world has brought on. Also, his [post about CRUDdy searches]( has great comments. (That’s blogging for you.)

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  1. Off Topic: I am not sure if you have been already invited to register at, a meeting place for people interested in the Ruby Programming Language or any of the related technologies. By the way the CAPTCHA is extremly difficult to read…

  2. Aníbal: Yeah, now I took a look at the CAPTCHA — way ugly! I’ll revise the anti-spam strategy someday soon.

    RubyCorner seems like a fine thing. I wonder what the best strategy is — perhaps just exposing my Ruby-related posts. I mean, the wider world of tech ain’t interested in Copenhagen-related material. I’m shy, too. Aggregation is like public speaking, at school. With all the cool kids in the audience.

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