BarCamp here, in Copenhagen

On **17 november** at 17:00 [BarCamp Copenhagen]( begins. What’s that? Let me quote [](

> BarCamp is an “ad-hoc” gathering born from the desire of people to share and learn in an open environment.

The activity is very simple:

> every person participating has to fill in a slot of 3 minutes for a presentation, idea, or anything related (or not related ?) to the people participating.

Interesting! You **get to present, for 180 seconds**!

![BarCamp Copenhagen]( “Barcamp Copenhagen”)

**[Sign up at the wiki](**! That’s how to sign up for this event.

[Oschlag]( tells [more about it](, in Danish.


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  1. Hi Olle,

    I don’t know if you are really going to present for 3 – minutes, I guess it depends on how many participants we are going to be ! –

    anyway I have to go and speak to a possible sponsor now about a venue s

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