Copenhagen.rb meetup: Puppet and fringe activity

Juri presented the amazing Puppet framework for controlling servers. He controls about 20 servers with it.

Think of Puppet’s files as “setup Rakefiles for servers” which is version-controlled, monitored, and written in a very terse DSL. Seems slick. Juri might publish his nice slides, who knows.

While he was presenting, me and Lars SG were typing to each other, like kids in the back of the classroom. Quicksilver’s Large Type action was used a lot. It started when I noted he was working on the Counter example in Seaside, using a new Squeak. A fellow tourist in fringe-language-land!

We took quick detours into Io and CLisp (I had read about mapcar, and wanted to show what it was), and Lars turned out to be able to stomach even the most arcane crap. Perfect: a new special interest group in our Copenhagen Ruby Brigade. James Britt reports that this is a common Ruby programmer’s thing, and that it manifests itself in their meetups. See his link to fringedc for a picture of how to understand the “fringe” label.


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