Pinter’s political stuff played in Malmö

A friend, who I met via Luisa, just sent me information about the stage design work she has done in the period of time. Keywords are, according to Sarah: Site-specific, literary, installations, video, and an amazing trombone player.

So, without much further ado, I hereby inform you, the interested public, that there is great possibility to see the play “Amerikansk Fotboll” at Inkonst (Bergsgatan 29, Malmö). (I guess it’s in Swedish. But their website says the group consists of Scandinavian and English actors. Well, who knows.)

The theater group Insite is the first group to get permission to play Harold Pinter texts in a collage of 4 shorter dramatic pieces and some of his poems.

Dates are May 10, 12 + 16+17+18+19 + 24+25+26 . Book the tickets online (Swedish interface, ugh!).

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