Carpentering handyman in Malmö area needed

Having assembled two-thirds of the A-Team that will build a hyperfunctional kitchen in our Malmö apartment, me and Luisa are now looking for a carpenter.

Luisa will be the project manager, leading and supervising the progress on-site. Kirsten will be the AutoCADing architect, and also function as technical advisor.

  1. Ideally, among the people we know there will be a carpenter, perfect for this.
  2. Second-best, among the people we know, someone’ll have had the perfect carpenter in their employ, and being able to recommend said craftsperson.
  3. Finally, someone’s relative might’ve had a good experience hiring building help, and can make a recommendation.

Do you know a good carpenter? Please, please Lazyweb, I invoke thee to help me.

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Olle is a programmer, enjoying sunny Malmö in Sweden.

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