Hackmeetup Eight

I sat down to try understand Selenium RC yesterday night. We had a Hackmeetup, for the 8th time.

I got the simplest little example to run from the command-line, but our company app was harder. The app is a very fancy in-browser desktop interface, which might cramp the style of the frames of the default Selenium RC runner. I was a little beat by the end of the night.

Ola E was examining some amazing uses of a Twisted wrapper for SQL Alchemy. His plan of doing Reportlab stuff was silently canned.

New faces Micke and Magnus were actually building their company PHP web framework, using the Creole database abstraction layer. Ola and I were bombarding them with framework examples they could get inspired by. The guys seemed really productive, mutterlingly inspecting and explaining, and Micke said they’d finally gotten on track.

Ola said “When we have some more initiative, we should have a theme for a night such as this”. Good idea. A theme makes it simpler to “market” the event.

(By the way, installing the Seaside web framework is extremely simple these days. Its packaging is really outstanding.)

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