Flea market in Malmö

Update 2012: Thief Cellar? There’s been a flurry of media reports about new products sold at too-low prices in the location I mentioned here three years ago.

This is a hint about a flea market in Malmö.

Electronics flea market, we don’t have in Malmö, but I recommend “Tjyvkällarn” and Marknadsbörsen on weekends, the latter being the more interesting to the enterprising maker looking for a find in obsolete electronics.

Possibly related: Assorted pictures from the flea market, with mad-crazy MIDI tunes embedded on the page. Fair warning.

What I wanted to say with this was: dear self, remember to go there like each weekend, just like cleaning house. It’s good for you.

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Olle is a programmer, enjoying sunny Malmö in Sweden.

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