reboot: Aftermath

Update: Rebike. I was in on building it.

Had a long walk over the harbor area of Malmö, explaining it to Tilmann.

We saw:

  • Mai tai, of which we know nothing. A ship bar/restaurant.
  • a skatepark, with a rock band (5 guitars, 1 bass, 1 drummer), and a set of Rock Band players, and two sets of Super Street Fighter (on XBox 360)
  • boulder problems being worked on by rock climbers. “Problems” is what they call it. Each with a level of difficulty. Made me think of Jan Kogut, Polish rock-climber-hacker-wild-man

Also, lots of buildings.

Til’s car had a soundsystem which put them all – yeah all – to shame. Then he took off, heading south. Happy trails, T.

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Olle is a programmer, enjoying sunny Malmö in Sweden.

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  1. Mai Tai is the best Thai restaurant in Malmö by far. Highly recommended if you enjoy Thai cuisine.

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