On the town: met a photographer

A man walks with a stick on his shoulder. The stick has gear attached. I get intrigued, and sidles up: “Nice rig. What is it?”

He explains it is a large-format camera. 25cm square negatives! Hands me a business card that points to his website. (Oh! That website has a picture of the wonderful camera, go look!)

He also explained that his project is to take portraits of people of many nationalities, and as I left him, an English-speaking man (who would’ve fit well into The Crimson Pirate) asked the same questions I had just posed.

The evening sun was just the right kind. I hope I’ll see the pictures he made. (Other photographer Stephen does not take pictures, he makes them; I learnt that from Peter.)

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Olle is a programmer, enjoying sunny Malmö in Sweden.

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