Free RFID workshop with Forskningsavdelningen

Forskningsavdelningen decided to have a RFID workshop on Thursday (today 27 August 2009), so please come today and bring your rfid tags and readers.

RFID tags come in all shapes and sizes
RFID tags come in all shapes and sizes

As you may know, RFID is a technology used in transportation cards sucha as the new SkÃ¥netrafiken “Jojo”, Stockholm Länstrafik’s “Access”, and the London Underground “Oystercard”, as well as Öresundsbron bridge “BroBizz”, and multiple other places. These cards operate without any internal battery/power source but are powered from the radio signals sent to it from the “reader”.

Wikipedia on RFID

Please come from 18:30 to 22:00. This event is all free. Holler to me if you need instructions on getting there.

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