4th Øresund JavaScript Meetup report

The 4th Øresund JavaScript Meetup was just held at Hypergene‘s Malmö offices, yesterday night. Eight brave souls made the journey to Malmö C and came to Hypergene’s quite fancy offices. After a little pizza snack and introductory conversation, we repaired to a meeting room. Networking was in full swing, in at least three languages, when Jacob announced that he’d run his introductory JSpec presentation.

It turns out that JSpec is a BDD specification tool, which uses some Ruby to run its specs. The syntax was a mix of Ruby and JavaScript in the same file.

Mats Bryntse had quit his job to make an ExtJS web app, and he’ll be on his way to San Francisco in a few months. The app he made, Ext.ux.Scheduler is impressive.

Later, I got fiddly. Programming languages had come up in conversation. Scala! Clojure! Erlang! OCaml! So, I installed a few of them. We deciphered a bit of Scala, and tried it out. Quite entrancing, getting it to run, when four people stand around and shout suggestions. The Erlang Eclipse extension Erlide was hastily installed, but we ran out of time before we got anything done with it. And the title of the meetup is “Öresund JavaScript Meetup”. The irony was not lost on us.

“It’s dead easy to make Erlang web backends!”, I later exclaimed. “Can I quote you on that?” David retorted.

So, there’s my challenge. Using ErlyWeb, MochiWeb, and others, and perhaps Mnesia (the database), I’ll have to work hard until the next meetup to get an environment running – and make a web application.

Speaking of the next meetup, David, who’s working for streaming outfit XStream in Copenhagen, will try and convince his people that a JavaScript Meetup is just what they need to host, so we’ll probably be in Copenhagen next time.

What’s more? There were shoutouts to the Copenhagen PHP Meetup, and talk about coding dojos.

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  1. Thanks for great evening Olle! It was fun learning about erlang and scala also :)

    if you do a MochiWeb backend, then I hope to get to play with HTML 5 sockets. (I talked a bit to Vahagn about it ). Maybe we can do a chat application?

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