7th Öresund JavaScript Meetup (and the next)

So that was the 7th meetup about JavaScript. We learnt stuff about extending Chrome, that WebKit browser. Mark Wubben taught us.

Thanks, Mark! You provided much more than a glorified walkthrough of the extant documentation, you gave us insight into how the workflow feels, and how a finished product can look.

That went well.

When one participant muttered “Anyone interested in… pizza?” we trudged throught the snow to Drottningtorget, around ten Open Source enthusiasts had gathered for the bi-weekly MOSIG social event. Yep, that’s short for Malmö Open Source Interest Group. Affectionately known as “Linux pizza”.

Next meetup date, in Copenhagen, is at 23’s headquarters in Vesterbro.

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Olle is a programmer, enjoying sunny Malmö in Sweden.

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