A regular Tuesday at the Forsk

Tuesday Forsk yesterday, it was awesome.

Just great. People were their normal selves, but everyone just had that extra edge of greatness that night.

It begun with a minor planning meeting in one corner. Pragmatic. Anna F came by and planned her workshop.

StG had worked on his Rbox project, and murmured “Do you want to help program this beast?” and muttered something about the eZ80 programming environment. Suddenly, there’s a noise “yeah, it’s the MOD player I built in” and later there were graphics. “It works!” he cried, at one point, and everybody rushed to, to see the greatness. There was greatness. I won’t spoil the greatness, you can witness it at Hacknight this Saturday.

In one corner, a PHP discussion group formed, as I had installed crisis mapping software Ushahidi — which is written in PHP. “Why do they tell me to program everything in Java?” a confused PHP user asked me. I answered. “What’s a class, really?” someone else asked. I answered. “Does PHP have to be so bad?” a third person asked, and me and qzio answered, by displaying how magic methods __call, __set and __get work. qzio also showed a PDO class wrapper, which might well see action at someone’s workplace.

Some film-makers were present, scouting the location, fitting the images in their heads. It will be a glorious documentary.

A great time was had by all.

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