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When not using ack, my favorite search tool, you can still exclude SVN folders. Here is an example of me looking for a file:

$ find . -not \( -name .svn -prune \) -name 'EosController*'

This mode of expression might be better for your scripting needs.

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  1. Do you know about the -f and -g options to ack?

    $ ack -f –php

    will list all PHP files, so that

    $ ack -f –php | ack EosController

    will do the same thing as your example above. And, since that was so common, you can do this:

    $ ack -g EosController –php

  2. Thank you very much, Andy! ack's served me so well, even with my rude and coarse mode of expression. The “-g thang” will make my command-line life more comfortable still. Hooray for the explicit “languages understood” documentation on the first page of ack's informative website.

    I was so happy about ack's .ackrc possibilities that I added case-insensitivity and a bunch of ignored directories. Looking at it, it does not seem optimal. Is there an ackish way of ignoring better?


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