Get pman: man pages for PHP functions

This link post is quite irrelevant should you never be using PHP. Therefore, I categorized it.

Published in 2010, Unix manual pages for PHP functions is still a useful tip.

A decade of using Python, and you don’t ask yourself where the argument goes in a function you use daily. Experienced PHP developers look at the website quite a lot. Print cheatsheets (but never look at them, since the website exists).

“There’s a quicker way.” You look up a trick on the Internet. In this case it was long-time PEAR committer cweiske who pointed this out.

pear channel-discover
pear channel-update
pear install

or, if your setup forces you to use sudo (for your copy-and-pasting pleasure):

sudo pear channel-discover
sudo pear channel-update
sudo pear install

This downloads five megabytes of PHP documentation, and a small command-line utility that fires up your text viewer.

Result: any PHP function can be looked up locally, in your viewer: pman strpos

Thanks, Bjori!

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