I have begun planting vegetables at a good spot called Valdemarsro. My town Malmö owns most of the allotment plots available, around 5000 of them. “Awe-inspiring”, my Canadian friend remarked.

To get your own allotment plot in Malmö, get in line at the municipality’s website. It costs between 450-650 SEK for a year.

This is a quaint PDF map of the Valdemarsro plots.

Allotment plot gardens are full of characters – and I love chatting with them. Two men I spoke to had been on that ground for 24 and 28 years, respectively. They share wisdom and victories happily. All men I talk to are of Eastern European descent, perhaps Polish. Gentlemen, all.

I note that Malmö is the oldest allotment tradition in Sweden. It begun in 1895. The union of allotment plot associations is called KoloniträdgÃ¥rdsförbundet. (There’s another wonderful union above that! They have their own campaign against snails.)

See also The Victorian Kitchen Garden, a fine piece of Swedish-English collaboration in televisual entertainment of the Olde kind.

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