Kod100: Document a very old project

#kod100 is a thing. In Sweden. “Do FOSS stuff for a hundred consecutive days.” Keeping a log of it is optional. So, I’m dusting off WordPress. And trying.

Things experienced in this session:

Use the wp-cli command-line tool to manage WordPress. Until it’s completely package-stable, use it from the Git repository. Fine instructions at their homepage.

And, for ergonomy, I added syntax highlighting in less.

Also began the actual project, by using git-svn to pull a repo copy onto GitHub. The shared Subversion repository for all PHP extensions has quite a few revisions. Too many! A pull from the top will be more effective, I guess.

Goal of project: add some documentation to one of the oldest still-living PHP extensions: stats. Most of it is just hard to understand, since I’m no math head.

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Olle is a programmer, enjoying sunny Malmö in Sweden.

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