Malmö.rb November meetup report

This is an after-action report about the very small November meetup of the Malmö Ruby Brigade group.

We had invited a game designer to come and hold forth about what makes rules come together to form a game.

Talk: Thomas, the board-game designer

Tomas Widgren, a game designer, arrived, and presented his ideas on language and presentation.

Flavor isn’t something separate from the rules, it needs to be embedded within the words of the rules.

You can see some pictures of Thomas’ story-telling skirmish game Mutant: Kriget.

Or, some pictures of Thomas’ game about mechs.

Activity: Try out text generation tools

We had found some tools which seemed good for game-related text generation. Markov chains and other “automatic writing”. Going through the finds, nothing much proved useful. We did see the potential for a deeper dig.

So, sorry, not much link-wise, here.

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