PEI, again

We’re on PEI, the Gotland of Canada. We’re going to this unconference.

Lots of things have changed in the interim since my last visit. Most things stay the same.

Vegan places to eat: at least two cafés with food in them. One of them was closed for renovations, so I got to hear about the other one. Kombucha on tap.

Coffee is still good. Receiver Coffee has opened a second location.

The Farmers Market is still good. I will revisit in the weekend.

The folks at Silverorange are still there, working. Gorgeous office building, what a remodeling. These people are nice, caring and interested, generous and helpful. They’re now also a distributed workplace, with half the team in Charlottetown. Me and Steven Garrity got to catch up a little by their coffee maker, and over a lunch sandwich. (A little short of breath, having just read Nick Burka’s tribute to Martha. Found via Steven.)

Me and Luisa got to visit Fountain Pen Night at a bookstore – a wonderful group of people diving deep into their subject matter. Specialist-colored inks, striations, inkwells, writing cabinets, really good writing paper, the gift of mailing someone a letter. At the end of the circle of people talking, I was asked if I had anything to share. “Buy art supplies that are outside your comfort zone, and your practice will widen.”

I’ll try to share more what goes on here. Spring is happening. Malmö has radiant summer days, right now, but on PEI, the trees are budding.

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Olle is a programmer, enjoying sunny Malmö in Sweden.

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