Bryan Cantrill rereads Soul of a New Machine and has excellent comments

I talked to people about blogging this weekend. Words like The Golden Age of blogging were used. (That era passed, if you hadn’t noticed.)

Is it quizzical to want to have the kinds of slow, async conversation blogging can offer? Is it tilting at windmills to just do it anyway? Even if my interlocutor group would be down to the same group of people with whom I learned of blogging, it’d still be worthwhile, for me.

One computer personality who’s made some impact on me is Bryan Cantrill. Here, I tried to link to a video in which he talks about the re-closed-sourcing of Open Solaris. But instead, here’s his Talks page, which chronicles a prolific output. Also: “Goodbye, Sun“.

Bryan blogs infrequently, but with a serious tone. (His blog is calledThe Observation Deck.) Today, I saw a tweet of his, and I went to the bio and to the blog link. I reminded myself that I ought to add his feed to my reader. But I got distracted by this post where the comments are as good as the post.

Recommended: that book, and to restart your blogging.

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  1. I saw a meme on facebook that said, to paraphrase “human invented the telephone, and spent incredible effort so that its use spanned the globe, and developed new and better phones that can even do video calls. People now prefer to use them to send short letters.” I might go more into this in a blog post, but there’s something very human about things at a slow pace.

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