Spam control: some choice words now blacklisted

*Public announcement:* Should anyone like to announce anything in the comments section about female breasts, in a colloquial manner, stay away from using the word “boobs”. I just blacklisted it. Use your imaginations. Also, should you want to discuss females with a homosexual orientation, then refrain from the commonplace word “lesbian”, since this also got […]

New Blog on DSLs: Little Languages

It was made official in the coolest way possible, in a [Lambda the Ultimate post](, that the [ blog]( has begun. DSLs (domain-specific languages) are hip. The weblog “A Fistful of Languages” is a weblog about them. > Here’s where the “Fistful of Languages” blog comes in. This blog aims to address all aspects of […]

Nitro: A Rails contender?

I copy-edited [a Nitro article]( on using the fulltext search index facility [TSearch2]( for [Postgres]( (Smart way to read an article slowly enough to let all of it seep in.) [Nitro]( is an MVC web framework written in Ruby. “For Web2.0”, you know. Interested Nitro neophytes can head over to [Oxyliquit](, the Nitro Q&A website, […]