Public[er] data! Amateur loves public data

After typing this into a closed forum window in a section for Reboot visitors, I noted that “Many of my people’ll never read this. Better blog it.” So here I go! After experiencing the near-mythical Pecha Kucha session (aka Guy’s 20×20 talks), I was stoked about almost every subject that had been touched. Somehow they […]

Word of the day: caltrop

I’m a word guy. Today I name my first Word of the day: [Caltrop]( There. In Swedish: fotangel (foot-anglers?). Luisa told me the Danish word: partisansøm (partisan nail). Danes get cooler words. Oh, my home country gets a shoutout in the Wikipedia article above: > Caltrops have been used by criminals in some countries to […]

Tobias meets Gunnar (of Tennstopet)

This guy will serve [Tobias Wrigstad]( Tobias is defending his paper today, and he was finished an hour ago – I have no knowledge on how it went; whether Gunnar in the picture’s going to be a Kind Therapist, or a Hearty Reveler. My money’s on the latter. Update: **Doctor** Wrigstad’s luncheoning with his grading […]

Peter Brodersen creates GoogleMaps with streets for Denmark

Us Euros have been envious of the US/Canada GoogleMaps situation for quite a while. The option “satellite image” has been all we had for a while, and the other choices “map” and “hybrid overlay” have been missing for our part of the globe. [Peter Rukavina](’s tales of integrating GoogleMaps with existing data have been riveting, […]

Denmark has a roleplaying game school

A Danish school with a very cross-disciplinary approach to education, [Østerskov Efterskole](, will open its doors this fall. [Malik Hyltoft](, winner of this year’s Honorary Otto Award is part of the staff. The school needs materials, and have assembled a wish-list. If you have anything you wish to donate to the school, send an email […]