playsh: Flickr is a Glidr

Flickr is a Glidr Originally uploaded by ptufts. Coders Matt Webb and Ben Cerveny are digital age heroes, making a highly interesting thing with playsh, **the playful shell**. Matt [talks about it in his blog]( Tech keywords: the Python programming language, the Twisted framework, fragments of Zope framework, parts of MOO game software LamdaMOO, SSH […]

Joel Spolsky is not impressed by coding conventions

Joel Spolsky is not impressed by coding conventions. He says something like “When I was program manager on the Excel team…” in a [podcast]( at [IT Conversations]( Here is a clip where mentions the coding conventions. The clip was made with ITC’s fine PHP tool to “Create a Clip or Excerpt”. Makes me involved.

RubyGems: gem_server

So, you are using some modules for Ruby, in the shape of [gems]( (read [the book](!). You need to read the gem’s docs. Instead of Googling, fire up a local pure-Ruby webserver ([Webrick](, on a custom port, and view the beautiful RDoc pages there, in their web-native shape! Invoke the thing like this: gem_server Then […]

Read a book (Beyond Java, by that kayaker)

This weekend I had some wonderful spare time, and I spent some of it reading [Beyond Java](, a book about the Next Language. (Spoiler: It is [Ruby](, or some cool continuations-based project – read: [Seaside]( with Smalltalk. But you knew that.) The book is chock-full of kayaking metaphors, which got so irritating they became funny. […]

Javascript ate my hamster: Go get Yahoo Event Utility and Firebug

Dustin Diaz tells about Yahoo Event Utility which is the addEvent killer of all time. If you do serious Javascripting these days, please, do yourself a favour, and read that piece. Slowly. You might find drool on your chin afterwards. Then, go get the Event Utility. You owe to yourself. You deserve it. And, be […]

Mongrel: funky server

The [Mongrel]( web server project, in Ruby, by Zed Shaw, is taking shape. With some help from Luis Lavena, Zed’s making his lovely Mongrel run on win32, as a Windows service. The last mail I read at the mongrel-users mailing list had Zed oohing and aahing over the Ruby win32 library: Otherwise it’s incredibly cool. […]