Peter Brodersen creates GoogleMaps with streets for Denmark

Us Euros have been envious of the US/Canada GoogleMaps situation for quite a while. The option “satellite image” has been all we had for a while, and the other choices “map” and “hybrid overlay” have been missing for our part of the globe. [Peter Rukavina](’s tales of integrating GoogleMaps with existing data have been riveting, […]

Denmark has a roleplaying game school

A Danish school with a very cross-disciplinary approach to education, [Østerskov Efterskole](, will open its doors this fall. [Malik Hyltoft](, winner of this year’s Honorary Otto Award is part of the staff. The school needs materials, and have assembled a wish-list. If you have anything you wish to donate to the school, send an email […]

playsh: Flickr is a Glidr

Flickr is a Glidr Originally uploaded by ptufts. Coders Matt Webb and Ben Cerveny are digital age heroes, making a highly interesting thing with playsh, **the playful shell**. Matt [talks about it in his blog]( Tech keywords: the Python programming language, the Twisted framework, fragments of Zope framework, parts of MOO game software LamdaMOO, SSH […]

Joel Spolsky is not impressed by coding conventions

Joel Spolsky is not impressed by coding conventions. He says something like “When I was program manager on the Excel team…” in a [podcast]( at [IT Conversations]( Here is a clip where mentions the coding conventions. The clip was made with ITC’s fine PHP tool to “Create a Clip or Excerpt”. Makes me involved.

RubyGems: gem_server

So, you are using some modules for Ruby, in the shape of [gems]( (read [the book](!). You need to read the gem’s docs. Instead of Googling, fire up a local pure-Ruby webserver ([Webrick](, on a custom port, and view the beautiful RDoc pages there, in their web-native shape! Invoke the thing like this: gem_server Then […]

Read a book (Beyond Java, by that kayaker)

This weekend I had some wonderful spare time, and I spent some of it reading [Beyond Java](, a book about the Next Language. (Spoiler: It is [Ruby](, or some cool continuations-based project – read: [Seaside]( with Smalltalk. But you knew that.) The book is chock-full of kayaking metaphors, which got so irritating they became funny. […]