TODO: Buy a Cinemateket Malmö card today!

Analog film is dying. Digital film is slow in creation. A percent perhaps, of all film, is digitally available. It’s becoming harder to borrow film from archives. So, not even the places showing old films know how it’s going to be. Therefore, Malmö’s wonderful film club Cinemateket will sell half-year memberships now. 200 SEK to […]

Pep before PolyConf 2016

I sat down to prepare to get to this year’s PolyConf. I trawled last year’s photos, and found these shots. (All these photos were taken by polyconf. They’re also All Rights Reserved. So, just links instead of using the awesome paste-a-link-with-oEmbed-support.) Me having coffee – hair-styling is remarkably difficult in high summer heat. Will, author […]

Looking forward to PolyConf 2015

On Wednesday, I once again journey south, to Poznan in Central Europe, to participate in the PolyConf programming conference. As every year, it is about getting new perspective on things, from happy and grumpy people in the field. The field of computering. I’m lucky to see some familiar faces in the list of people going there, and […]

PolyConf 2014, a travelogue, part 2

PolyConf 2014 – Talks from Day 1 Morning began with fine cappuccino coffee and honey-spread bread. After initial difficulty to find the venue, me and my companion made it to the large school building where the conference was hosted. Here is an image of us failing to walk into the right building: Talks began immediately. […]

UNIX aliases for fun, pt 1

LOL ‘computer, ’ alias for sudo by @chastell — Miha Rekar (@MihaRekar) March 1, 2014 Quoth @chastell: alias computer,=’sudo’ computer, apt-get install postgresql PS: Alas, the oEmbed content from Twitter did not contain the image with the pun. Reproduced here. @chastell will forgive me. As a bonus, do read these fine lines of Markdown-formatted […]