Denmark is Dead: Great programmer booted out of the country

My neighbour Sean Treadway today posted a sad post – he is getting kicked out of the country: > So that’s all folks Denmark has evaluated that my contribution to the country through my freelance work is not of significant value. This is patently horrible. On so many levels. Sean’s one of the really great […]

Ruby meetup: A new wiki

Albert set up an Instiki [wiki for the upcoming Ruby meetings]( and you can also sign up there, to add more glitz to the meeting. And then that got old, and “peterj” started a []( wiki, with the same kind of wiki software. We promptly moved our SSRUG, SkÃ¥ne-Sjælland Ruby User Group, to that wiki. […]

Danish social workers patch the system

[Loftsramte Eksperter]( (Experts hit by the ceiling) is a beautiful hack of the social welfare system in Denmark. Hacked by great people, social workers, who make sure the folks on welfare do not get their checks “light”. > Vi vil gerne høre, hvad eksperterne har at sige om loven, og hvem er større eksperter pÃ¥ […]

Using Google Sitemaps: some free statistics

Google Sitemaps contains some free statistics tools for the website owner. Here’s how to start using them. * You need a Google account. The same as your Gmail account. Don’t have one of those? Just ask me in the comments here, and I’ll “invite” you to this service.) * Go the aforementioned page, and “Add” […]