TODO: Buy a Cinemateket Malmö card today!

Analog film is dying. Digital film is slow in creation. A percent perhaps, of all film, is digitally available. It’s becoming harder to borrow film from archives.
So, not even the places showing old films know how it’s going to be.
Therefore, Malmö’s wonderful film club Cinemateket will sell half-year memberships now. 200 SEK to see all films – in a perfect program – until the end of 2016.
“Stora Cinemateketkortet är ett förmånskort för dig som besöker oss riktigt ofta. Med det går du gratis på våra ordinarie filmvisningar. Stora Cinemateketkortet gäller i ett år och kostar 400 kr. Eftersom vi inte vet hur Cinematekets verksamhet i Malmö kommer att se ut 2017 säljer vi denna höst förmånskort som endast räcker året ut (oavsett när du köper dem). I gengäld säljs de till halva priset.”
Do it!


I have begun planting vegetables at a good spot called Valdemarsro. My town Malmö owns most of the allotment plots available, around 5000 of them. “Awe-inspiring”, my Canadian friend remarked.

To get your own allotment plot in Malmö, get in line at the municipality’s website. It costs between 450-650 SEK for a year.

This is a quaint PDF map of the Valdemarsro plots.

Allotment plot gardens are full of characters – and I love chatting with them. Two men I spoke to had been on that ground for 24 and 28 years, respectively. They share wisdom and victories happily. All men I talk to are of Eastern European descent, perhaps Polish. Gentlemen, all.

I note that Malmö is the oldest allotment tradition in Sweden. It begun in 1895. The union of allotment plot associations is called KoloniträdgÃ¥rdsförbundet. (There’s another wonderful union above that! They have their own campaign against snails.)

See also The Victorian Kitchen Garden, a fine piece of Swedish-English collaboration in televisual entertainment of the Olde kind.

Malmö tech city

A summer’s rainy morning in Malmö.

I’ve just hopped off the morning train from Copenhagen, clutching a crumpled paper that I just finished. I got wind of it through the NoSQL Summer reading club’s Malmö instance.

On the way into the office, I saw my FOSS friend T, waiting for a car. Handing him the printed copy of the paper, I enjoyed a few minutes of database banter before heading into the building.

This is how I want my tech community to be like. Present, alive, and friendly. Thanks!

You can follow nosqlsummer on Twitter. Below is their pitch.

A seasonal, worldwide reading club for databases, distributed systems & NOSQL-related scientific papers.

A NOSQL Summer is a network of local reading groups, that will decipher & discuss NOSQL-related articles, from late June to early September 2010. Each group sets its own meeting pace (usually once a week or once every two weeks) and select which papers are up for discussion.

At every cycle, members read the selected paper at home and then meet up for an hour or so to discuss, debate and answer their own questions.

We then encourage you to produce an annotated version of the paper, or short summary that we can then publish here for the rest of world to peruse.

Please note that, in most cities, you do not need to sign up to attend NOSQL Summer meetings. You just need to have read the paper planned for the week by your local chapter and show up at the designated meeting place!

Feel free to skip a meeting or jump in at any time. We’re trying to make this low-maintenance and flexible, for everybody to get a chance to learn more about a fuzzy concept that’s here to stay.

Flea market in Malmö

Update 2012: Thief Cellar? There’s been a flurry of media reports about new products sold at too-low prices in the location I mentioned here three years ago.

This is a hint about a flea market in Malmö.

Electronics flea market, we don’t have in Malmö, but I recommend “Tjyvkällarn” and Marknadsbörsen on weekends, the latter being the more interesting to the enterprising maker looking for a find in obsolete electronics.

Possibly related: Assorted pictures from the flea market, with mad-crazy MIDI tunes embedded on the page. Fair warning.

What I wanted to say with this was: dear self, remember to go there like each weekend, just like cleaning house. It’s good for you.


My hairdresser looked like Mona Seilitz, I said, to my workmates. “No, she looks more like Elisabeth Höglund from SVT.”

Elisabeth Höglund

Update: Note that none of these photots depict my hairdresser.

Hack-a-thon, in my town!

More groups of people who want to fiddle with opensource software: They have an event in Malmö, at a school, 23-25 november.

Just to let you know, so you can spread the word. I’ll write more when I know more.

Update! An attentive reader, also being the organizer of the upcoming event emailed me, and told me more. It’s called “Hack-a-ton”, note the Scandinavian spelling. URL changed to reflect this.

Moved to Malmö

Sweden’s third-largest town (270 000 inhabitants in the City, 600 000+ in the metro area) was initially called Malmhaugen (“Gravel heap”) – Wikipedia told me, so it’s true.

Now, the name of the town is Malmö. And it is my town. And, Luisa’s.

My address is Löjtnantsgatan 8B, 21150 Malmö, so update your address containers.

The phone number, land-based is +46-40 66 70 774.

Malmo Ho!

Pulling up the pegs, moving tents!

Destination: Malmo, Lojtnantsgatan 8b.

July 22 is the move day.

Very little furniture, some books, some loose junk. Mostly, it’s a social occasion, so come join us. Either on the Malmo, or the Copenhagen side.

By the way, if you happen to have a van in need of some exercise, we will be happy to be of assistance.

Get in touch with me for the finer details. It’ll be fun!

Pinter’s political stuff played in Malmö

A friend, who I met via Luisa, just sent me information about the stage design work she has done in the period of time. Keywords are, according to Sarah: Site-specific, literary, installations, video, and an amazing trombone player.

So, without much further ado, I hereby inform you, the interested public, that there is great possibility to see the play “Amerikansk Fotboll” at Inkonst (Bergsgatan 29, Malmö). (I guess it’s in Swedish. But their website says the group consists of Scandinavian and English actors. Well, who knows.)

The theater group Insite is the first group to get permission to play Harold Pinter texts in a collage of 4 shorter dramatic pieces and some of his poems.

Dates are May 10, 12 + 16+17+18+19 + 24+25+26 . Book the tickets online (Swedish interface, ugh!).