Hack-a-thon, in my town!

More groups of people who want to fiddle with opensource software: Hackaton.se. They have an event in Malmö, at a school, 23-25 november. Just to let you know, so you can spread the word. I’ll write more when I know more. Update! An attentive reader, also being the organizer of the upcoming event emailed me, […]

Malmo Ho!

Pulling up the pegs, moving tents! Destination: Malmo, Lojtnantsgatan 8b. July 22 is the move day. Very little furniture, some books, some loose junk. Mostly, it’s a social occasion, so come join us. Either on the Malmo, or the Copenhagen side. By the way, if you happen to have a van in need of some […]

Pinter’s political stuff played in Malmö

A friend, who I met via Luisa, just sent me information about the stage design work she has done in the period of time. Keywords are, according to Sarah: Site-specific, literary, installations, video, and an amazing trombone player. So, without much further ado, I hereby inform you, the interested public, that there is great possibility […]

Denmark is Dead: Great programmer booted out of the country

My neighbour Sean Treadway today posted a sad post – he is getting kicked out of the country: > So that’s all folks Denmark has evaluated that my contribution to the country through my freelance work is not of significant value. This is patently horrible. On so many levels. Sean’s one of the really great […]