Exploring with Wiki

Today I started reading a book (Extreme Programming Explained, by Kent Beck) that I borrowed from Brian (Kodehoved). It was inspirational. It brought a tear to me eye, literally. It makes me want to start the Test-driven development tomorrow. And I will. No procrastinating. And source code control. SVN > CVS, I think. But how […]

Comment spam: Trackbacks

Folks are whining about spam in comments. I whine about spam sent by WordPress to me, containing links to the usual spam-bait. So, today, I concentrated a bit, wandered in the (rather clean, for PHP) code, and found my line. In the folder wp-includes/functions.php there is a function called wp _ notify _ postauthor Open […]

Theatre of the political kind

Yesterday evening me and my Luisa went to see our friends in Livingstone’s Kabinet, who were doing a theatre show called **Once Upon a Time: Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Circus**. We got free tickets, as Luisa knows the director, the band and the owners of the theatre venue, and because she’s so lovely. The programme […]