CIA people about themselves

On the CIA web page, in the careers section, one can find weird discourse, from an organization that wants recruits:


I heard about the Agency during a College Career Fair. Although many other positions sounded intriguing, I was drawn to the idea of living overseas and serving as a collector of intelligence. After receiving extensive training, the Agency put their complete trust in me to travel and recruit foreign agents who provide information, carrying out this entire process in a clandestine manner. Dealing with people, operating with so much independence, and relying on my own street smarts and training to make critical decisions is the ultimate challenge. Every week is different – it can be slow one minute and breakneck speed the next. I’ve done some thrilling operations that mirror what is seen in the movies, and I feel tremendous pride that I, an average all-American female from an average American family, am the one doing it.

What? A reference to “the movies”? “Street smarts”? What is this? Is the CIA trying to sway the negative discourse of “spooks” and introduce a softer concept? Perhaps softer is not the word… An image of Operative Agents less uptight, more in line with the heroics of Hollywood cinema?

But the “patriotism” discourse can be found in the IT person’s part:

CINDY — IT Engineer

[…] The Agency employees are truly the best and brightest. Potential applicants should have high energy, ambition, a positive attitude and a strong desire to serve their country.

But I guess “customer focus” and other marketing drivel seems misplaced in this context.

Bruce Lee and Yip Man

Is this Yip Man, training Bruce Lee? (Is that the correct spelling?) Or are they just some dudes trying to unglue their forearms.

Edit: Yes, that is the right spelling. Read about Yip Man’s life.

Note to casual readers: this is what the thing that Tomas in Malmö calls WT, Wing Tsun, looks like. Corny? Maybe. Effective? I guess so.

The guys at the above link on Yip Man look so *tough*. Master Pan Nam of Foshan, depicted here, has the killer eyes of someone who can soundly whip anyone’s ass.

Master Pan Nam of Foshan - Master of Wing chun

Edit again: I found a lineage, in which I can find Tomas’ teacher. Search for Denmark in there, and you’ll see Allan, the Danish master. Cool.