Sleep was overrated, the welcoming amazing

Thanks Nukomeet, for a chatty pre-conference event! Thanks Alexander, Lukasz, Agnieska, Alban, Zaiste, Arsenia, Marcin, Johanna. And Robert and Christoffer. You are awesome, welcoming and interesting. (Quickly ordering rhubarb desserts just before the kitchen closed – top of my good-life game. The place with the kitchen open was Nifty No 20.)

UNIX aliases for fun, pt 1

LOL ‘computer, ’ alias for sudo by @chastell — Miha Rekar (@MihaRekar) March 1, 2014 Quoth @chastell: alias computer,=’sudo’ computer, apt-get install postgresql PS: Alas, the oEmbed content from Twitter did not contain the image with the pun. Reproduced here. @chastell will forgive me. As a bonus, do read these fine lines of Markdown-formatted […]

Random ruleset: Guidelines for my bank’s credit card image customization

I’m a sucker for customization. Here’s a random thing. My bank’s rules for VISA card image settings: Riktlinjer och regler för användning av egen bild: Bilden fÃ¥r inte kränka annans upphovsrätt, rätt till varumärke eller annan liknande rättighet och ska följa god sed. Detta innebär att bl a följande regler mÃ¥ste följas för att en […]