Penrose: end-of-level math boss, or raving weirdo?

Roger Penrose, math rockstar, who later in life began to write longer and longer works. In new areas. Ever read any of his stuff? I never did. I did read Neal Stephenson’s Anathem, and the plot contains tiling problems, quite clearly modeled on the idea of Penrose being a bad-ass math person. Anathem‘s the kind […]

2009: Swedish Gov’t to help solar energy

Here is me, trying some auto-tran, to bring you some last-year’s news. Regulation (2009:689) on state aid for solar cells To contribute to the transformation of the energy and industrial development in the energy sector, the government decided in June to introduce a state support for the installation of all types of grid-connected photovoltaic systems. […]

Special interest

“Special interest” is a misnomer. Every interest is special. And you can become of a geek of anything. “Soccer is the only broad shared cultural expression.” (said by a Frenchman, explaining why hackerspaces are not “marginal” or “narrow” culture; everything is narrow compared to European soccer.) Met a guy tonight that wanted to hear biographical […]

4th Øresund JavaScript Meetup report

The 4th Øresund JavaScript Meetup was just held at Hypergene‘s Malmö offices, yesterday night. Eight brave souls made the journey to Malmö C and came to Hypergene’s quite fancy offices. After a little pizza snack and introductory conversation, we repaired to a meeting room. Networking was in full swing, in at least three languages, when […]