Thorn presentation at JAOO

Perhaps your next programming language? Thorn. (A JVM scripting language.) John Field’s talk at JAOO in Ã…rhus 2009 is about that. Here is the interesting blurb from that page: Scripting languages are justifiably popular because of their support for rapid and exploratory development. However, scripts are notoriously hard to compose and to evolve. Additionallly, though […]

stop press – Nina von Rüdiger and Joc Koljonen create manga album named Oblivion High

Watch a 30-seconds teaser video for the soon-to-be-released manga (comic book, you know) Oblivion High. Yes, Nina, that perky web-and-illustration person you met when I used to live in Stockholm, sometimes with Jonas Bohlin nearby, or Joc Koljonen. That Nina. Yes, it appears this is a real Japanese-style teen romance manga set in Upplands Väsby, […]

Denmark is Dead: Great programmer booted out of the country

My neighbour Sean Treadway today posted a sad post – he is getting kicked out of the country: > So that’s all folks Denmark has evaluated that my contribution to the country through my freelance work is not of significant value. This is patently horrible. On so many levels. Sean’s one of the really great […]

Blogroll: So close to an Australian word

[Dr Dave]( “I have your blog in my blogroll. In Australia, bogroll means toiletpaper.” The reason I write this is that I was chuffed to see that my blog is in Mr Lumpley’s [Anyway]( blogroll. I am part of the Conversation, it seems. (Perhaps I should add something to it. But hey, see above, a […]

Theatre success: Christofer Bocker

My old friend Christofer – a fellow web application programmer geek – has written a great play, won an award for it. This dramatic success came out of almost nowhere. He has written great prose before, I have read some (is that still unpublished?), but his theatrical experience is limited. [SVD](, [Nummer](, and [Dramaten]( go […]

Jason is My buddy

I am a role-playing guy. I meet and converse with my kind. Sometimes *my people* are successful, they meet with fame, recognition, &c. Makes me happy. Jason notes his role-playing scenario [The Shab-al-Hiri Roach]( has become a *bona fide* hit among the independent luminaries. In this thread at influential role-playing online community The Forge, Ron […]