Cabaret in Copenhagen: Livingstones Kabinet

Yesterday night, I was at the KafCaféen venue, where Livingstones Kabinet opened their new show “We love you too”, a political raunchy trip with the band’s trademark Weimar Republic feeling. The dancers – a new addition to the troupe’s shows – were stunning. Some rude discontent in the audience waved arms and was vocal about […]

Holy Modal Rounders’s naming, and Jeff Minter in repose

In the Wikipedia article on the geniuses of Holy Modal Rounders they have something profound on naming, a subject dear to programmers: > As regards the name, Peter Stampfel explained in Perfect Sound Forever: “We kept changing the name. First it was the Total Quintessence Stomach Pumpers. Then the Temporal Worth High Steppers. Then The […]

Theatre success: Christofer Bocker

My old friend Christofer – a fellow web application programmer geek – has written a great play, won an award for it. This dramatic success came out of almost nowhere. He has written great prose before, I have read some (is that still unpublished?), but his theatrical experience is limited. [SVD](, [Nummer](, and [Dramaten]( go […]

Jason is My buddy

I am a role-playing guy. I meet and converse with my kind. Sometimes *my people* are successful, they meet with fame, recognition, &c. Makes me happy. Jason notes his role-playing scenario [The Shab-al-Hiri Roach]( has become a *bona fide* hit among the independent luminaries. In this thread at influential role-playing online community The Forge, Ron […]