Open Directory Project: almost altruistic

The Open Directory Project: The Open Directory Project is the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by a vast, global community of volunteer editors. Anyone can be an editor of a subcategory of the catalog, making small edits, refusing bad submissions and so on. I noted that the […]

Whiteout: Las Vegas

Finnish RPG author and columnist Juhana writes about my game in his log: I’ve often had the opportunity to lobby for roleplaying games as viable culture and art with culture officials and artists. Sadly, what I’ve tended to lack is anything worth presenting. I’m not going to offer fantasy schlock or WoD juvenilia, because the […]

I am the Nordic Contact Relations Guy

Denmark’s greatest role-playing game convention is Fastaval, hands down. I just penned an article about it, for the Swedish role-playing game magazine Sverox, expounding its greatness. When I was done with the article, I contacted the man in charge of the coming Fastaval, and volunteered to be the con’s **Nordic Contact**. More international-oriented cons, and […]

Sverok: Mallor

Sverok: Mallor is the acronym for Malmö Lajv och Rollspel, a society for roleplaying gaming and LARPing. Wow. The data seems old (from the last month of 2002), but then they had a room in a basement to play in. Wonder what became of it.