RPG Patterns book released under CC license!

Role-playing games now have their own [pattern language](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pattern_language) (Wikipedia’s defintion is great) book. Fascinating stuff! In computer science there is a book called [Design Patterns](http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0201633612/104-0265062-8435910?v=glance), which is a spin-off of the architecture book A Pattern Language. Both are classics. Now a person called **Whitson John Kirk III** has written 250+ pages in a CC-licensed PDF […]

Freeform role-playing in dictionary form

[Tobias](http://blog.wrigstad.com/) and I have now condensed our thoughts on role-playing in the form of [a wiki](http://jeepen.olle.ter.dk/wiki/doku.php), but that fails to attract others, being hard to read, follow and use. Especially off-line. The solution was to rewite some of the material and to collect it in one, accessible place. We had already bought [jeepen.org](http://blog.jeepen.org/), and set […]

Serious role-playing: Rest in peace

My friend with the great singing voice Tobias takes a historical drive down LARP’s memory lane: Drama exercises is the new costume-making. He chronicles the descent of Swedish LARP “seriousness” (and also defines what that term meant, at the time). (I now see that I need to tag my posts more specifically. LARP could be […]